Message from the President

NSS believes that the concept of rural sustenance through improving the socio-economic status of rural people. To achieve this we are implementing programmes to improve the living standards of rural poor through integrated approach concentrating on socio-economic programmes, training, awareness camps, up gradation of rural occupational skills, guiding the rural employed youth and several other support activities related to health education so on. In addition, we extended similar services to other groups of society –aged, children, handicapped, and widows, destitute and other needy. We design the programmes on training, research, sensitization, collective orientation, education and utilization of resources.


NSS aims and emphasizes on establishing community level development groups. These groups comprise youth, women, and local self- government bodies. These groups focus their attention to achieve sustainable development in all aspects. They prepare and implement all kinds of programmes depending on the needs and problem of the area and exclusively for the alleviation of the poor to erase the economical and social inequalities in the rural society.


Hence, our activities designed and implemented keeping in view of the community participation for an active and vital role while preparing and executing the programmes. We form functional groups for each activity and let it interact with the village level development groups. This approach resulted in the success of many programmes. Core groups, village wise would keep in touch with the organization to convey the people about the programmes and activities meant for them. These groups function as the mediators between the target groups and the organization to bring out best results.




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