Keeping in view the Vision and the Mission of the Organization, systematically drawn objectives have been set for to achieve the ultimate. The principal objectives among them has been listed below:


  • To fathom out reasons for backwardness, in terms of people as well as the area, and identify the remedies available;
  • Identify and carry out means and ways to empower the people in terms of their rights, strengths, strategies to pave way for sustainable and all round development process encompassing health & hygiene, demographic issues, technology application and related issued;
  • To strive for equality in terms of gender, caste and creed and establish a conducive social atmosphere for long term economic goals;
  • To strive for capacity building and improve human resources to enhance effectiveness of development programmes in vogue; and
  • To promote economic development programmes based on local resources and promotion of technology resulting in optimum utilization of human resources and technologies available leading to effective and sustainable development.


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