Diabetes Care Through Community Empowerment


Needs Assessment


Today when Diabetes is threatening people throughout the world, specially small children and Youth who are getting this disease and becoming incapacitated, national and international agencies have come together to work together to combat the disease in a systematic and comprehensive approach. In Mahbubnagar, Nalgonda and RangaReddy districts of Telangana, india, NSS is collaborating with national and international agencies like Indian Council for Diabetic Care, Banguluru, World Diabetic Foundation in the fight against this deadly disease.


NSS invites interested individual or Organisations to join this initiative. Interested Individuals or Organisations can take responsibility of the Initiative in the three districts, Nalgonda, Mahbubnagar and RangaReddy or take responsibility of any one of the three districts.


The Main Objective of this initiative is collect information on the Social Reasons for the spreading of this diesease and collect information on the life styles of the people suffering from diabetes and study the impact of Yoga on diabetic patients. To study all thes aspects NSS has designed a Needs Assessment Study with collaboration with National & International Agenices working on diabetes.


Interested applicants can Fill up the Form give below and submit their information.


Please note that the details need to submitted ONLY using the Online Form given below. Please DO NOT make enquiries on Phone or in Person.


Diabetic Care through Community Empowerment - Needs Assessment

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